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Custom DNA Synthesis (Custom Oligonucleotides)

25 nmole scale DNA synthesis.
100 nmole scale DNA synthesis.
200 nmole scale DNA synthesis.
1000 nmole (1 micromole) scale DNA synthesis.
15000 nmole (15 micromole) scale DNA synthesis.

Covid-19 primers and probes.
Some of the available modifications; single-label fluorescent probes.
TaqMan probes / Real-time PCR probes / qPCR probes / dual-label probes.
Oligonucleotides with phosphorothioated backbone.
Special oligonucleotides: modified bases, special purification, longer than 35-mer oligos, oligos for cloning, etc.
Shipping and handling is low-cost or free.
Read this section before you place your order.
Oligonucleotide best price.  We will beat any advertised price.

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